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GB-189922689-A: Improvements in Galvanizing Apparatus. patent, GB-189923017-A: Improvements relating to Storing-up and Utilizing Power in Velocipedes and other Vehicles. patent, GB-190000108-A: Improvements in Nippers. patent, GB-190001601-A: Improvements relating to Dress Fasteners. patent, GB-190004321-A: Improvements in and relating to Wreath Stands of Marble or the like. patent, GB-190004722-A: Improvements in or connected with Measuring Rules. patent, GB-190006712-A: Improvements in Whiffletree Attachments. patent, GB-190008571-A: A Method of Testing Boiler Tubes and Apparatus for that Purpose. patent, GB-190008675-A: Improvements in Automatic Bye-passes for Acetylene or other Gas Fittings. patent, GB-190008989-A: Improvements in Devices for Indicating on Moving Trains the Adverse Position of Railway Signals, Points and the like. patent, GB-190009426-A: An Improved Process of Forming Hay and other Materials into Bales for Preserving the same from Fermentation and other Deleterious Agencies. patent, GB-190009855-A: An Improved Vial for Medicines and other Liquids. patent, GB-190010438-A: Improvements in the Treatment of Wool and other Animal or Vegetable Fibrous Materials. patent, GB-190010546-A: Improvements in Mechanism and Means for the Human Force Propulsion and Steering of Velocipedes, Boats, and Light Machinery. patent, GB-190010982-A: Improvements in or connected with the Driving Mechanism of Motor Road Vehicles. patent, GB-190011178-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Lining Casks, Barrels, and the like Vessels. patent, GB-190011260-A: Improvements in Electric Accumulators and in Electrodes therefor. patent, GB-190011271-A: Improvements in Life-belts. patent, GB-190012754-A: An Improved "Winch-fitting" for Fishing Rods. patent, GB-190016484-A: Improvements in or relating to the Process of Melting Iron and Materials Employed therein patent, GB-190017654-A: patent, GB-190017890-A: Improvements in and connected with Lavatory Basin Overflow Passages patent, GB-190018780-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Use in Breaking Horses patent, GB-190019270-A: Metal Heel Plate with Rubber Cushion for Boots Shoes or Clogs and Means of Securing same. patent, GB-190019315-A: An Improved Destructor for Human Excreta patent, GB-190021120-A: Improvements in Cartridges patent, GB-190022633-A: Improvements in Photographic Printing Frames patent, GB-190100072-A: Improvements in Street Cleaners. patent, GB-190100122-A: Improvements in Pedals for Bicycles, Tricycles and other Velocipedes. patent, GB-190100326-A: Improved Wick Tubes for Oil Stoves and Lamps. patent, GB-190101491-A: Improvements in the Treatment of Oxides of Metals or Metalloids, or Compounds of same; and Products Obtained therefrom. patent, GB-190102843-A: patent, GB-190104164-A: Improvements connected with Portable Mortar, Concrete, or like Mixing Machines. patent, GB-190104653-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Feeding Separate Sheets of Paper in Printing Ruling and other Machines. patent, GB-190104943-A: Improvements in Brewing. patent, GB-190105473-A: Improved Gripping-mechanism for Use in Gripping Flowers, Fruit and other Substance and Securing the same to Wearing-apparel or to the In-door and Out-door Drapings of Rooms and Streets patent, GB-190105766-A: Improvements in the Working and Controlling of Electrically Driven Cars. patent, GB-190105801-A: Improvements in Typewriters. patent, GB-190106229-A: An Improvement in Fountain Pens. patent, GB-190106272-A: Improvements in or relating to the Treatment of Gas Liquors. patent, GB-190107670-A: Draught, Rain and Dust Excluder patent, GB-190111637-A: Improvements in Drawing Board Apparatus. patent, GB-190111699-A: Improvements in Package-rolls or Supports for Facilitating the Deposit of Metallic Leaf upon Surfaces to be Decorated. patent, GB-190114622-A: Improvements in Rifles and other Small Arms. patent, GB-190116627-A: Improvements in Saucepans and other similar Cooking Utensils patent, GB-190118824-A: Improvements in or relating to Pince-nez or Eye-glasses. patent, GB-190119150-A: Improved Machine for Treating Alluvial Deposits for the Extraction of Metals and Minerals therefrom. patent, GB-190119890-A: An Improved Sensitive Diaphragm for Reproducing and Transmitting Sound. patent, GB-190120645-A: Improvements in Sear and Trigger Devices for Firearms patent, GB-190123425-A: Improvements in Means for Guiding and Condensing the Slivers in Machines for Spinning Flax, Hemp, Jute, Tow and the like. patent, GB-190123565-A: Improvements in and relating to Machines for Automatically Grinding Knife-blades patent, GB-190126081-A: Improvements in and relating to Brakes for Railway Vehicles. patent, GB-190126619-A: The Manufacture of Camphene. patent, GB-190202536-A: Improvements in Twisted or Grooved Drills. patent, GB-190203877-A: An Improved Catch for Securing Folding Doors. patent, GB-190204528-A: Improvements in Self Acting Lubricators. patent, GB-190205507-A: An Improved Tide Mill or Means for Utilising the Current of Tidal Rivers or Waters for the Continuous Generation of Power. patent, GB-190208979-A: Improvements in Valves. patent, GB-190209317-A: Improvements in Electric Quantity Meters. patent, GB-190209673-A: Danger Signal for use on Railways by Night and in Foggy Weather patent, GB-190209970-A: Improved Safety Apparatus for Winding Engines. patent, GB-190210051-A: Improvements in Land Reclaiming Docks patent, GB-190213089-A: Improvements in Atomizers. patent, GB-190215942-A: Improvements in Chest Protectors patent, GB-190216502-A: Improvements in Knockers, Indicators, and Communicators Usually Fixed to Doors and the like. patent, GB-190217150-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Loosening the Soil in connection with Earthworks. patent, GB-190217556-A: Improvements in Band Saw Guides. patent, GB-190217608-A: Improvements in Couplings for Shafts patent, GB-190217619-A: A Kneading, Mixing and Grinding Machine with Egg-shaped Rollers which Mesh with each other. patent, GB-190218353-A: Improvements in, and relating to, Life-saving Apparatus. patent, GB-190218568-A: Apparatus for Completing the Rolling of the Ends of Tubes Rolled Step by Step. patent, GB-190218-A: Improvements in and relating to photo-electric devices and methods of manufacturing the same patent, GB-190222372-A: Improvements in Cut-off Valves. patent, GB-190223733-A: Improvements in Photographic Cameras. patent, GB-190224751-A: Improvements in Super-heaters for Steam Boilers patent, GB-190228106-A: Improvements in Pumps for Inflating Pneumatic Tyres and the like patent, GB-190300223-A: Label-holder for Umbrellas, Sticks, Portmanteaus, Bicycles and the like patent, GB-190300385-A: Improvements in the Method of and Machinery or Apparatus for Manufacturing Pipes of Armoured Concrete patent, GB-190300577-A: A New or Improved Machine for Moulding Cores or Patterns. patent, GB-190301415-A: Improvements relating to the Manufacture of Sweetmeats and similar Articles of Confectionery patent, GB-190303045-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Compounds having a Nitro-cellulose and Casein Base. patent, GB-190303571-A: Improvements in Hair-pins patent, GB-190304540-A: Improvements in Syringes. patent, GB-190304612-A: Improvements in or relating to Centrifugal Separating Apparatus patent, GB-190304855-A: Improvements in Means of Apparatus for use in the Manufacture of Inlaid Linoleum. patent, GB-190305383-A: Improvements in or relating to Windows and Window Sashes and Frames patent, GB-190306037-A: A Stable-bail Suspender. patent, GB-190308045-A: Improvements in Furnaces for Vertical Boilers. patent, GB-190308772-A: Improvements in and relating to Windows. patent, GB-190308848-A: Improvements relating to Safety Igniters for Mine Fuses patent, GB-190309118-A: Improvements in and connected with Loom Weft Feelers. patent, GB-190311075-A: Improved Iron Insertions for Cement or Beton Ceilings, Floors, and Roofing. patent, GB-190312860-A: Improvements in Blowing Engines or Compressors. patent, GB-190314097-A: Improvements relating to Apparatus for Loading or Ballasting Ships or Vessels patent, GB-190315485-A: Improvements in, and relating to, Mechanism for the Transmission of Power. patent, GB-190315622-A: Improvements in Friction Clutches patent, GB-190316519-A: Improvements in and relating to Car Couplings. patent, GB-190317635-A: Improved Means for Coring Notches in the Moulds of Linotypes for Tabular Matter. patent, GB-190318052-A: Improvements in Slubbing, Intermediate, Roving and Jack Frames patent, GB-190318428-A: Improvements in or relating to Preservatives and the Method of Applying the same to Food Stuffs, Articles of use and the like. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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